Lordson Roch

I Pastor the Grace and Truth Baptist Church in Goa India. I was born & brought up in a Roman Catholic family in a below poverty line but a staunch & religious family. Right from my childhood days I wanted to be a Roman Catholic priest. Due to poverty at home my parents couldn’t afford to educate me & send me to school. I was taught A-Z & 1-100 at home & then I was put in the orphanage run by the Franciscan Order & there I was given free education & I completed my high school.

Mean while in the orphanage, the superior watched me closely & was encouraging me to join the seminary & to join their orders! Three times I received calling letters from three seminaries from three different states in India. Some situations & circumstances stopped me from joining. When I was 12 years old my daddy passed away which was a big blow to me & my family. After high school the orphanage sent all the students home.

I started working at a very minor age & left education & instead enjoyed the fashions and courses of this world. Then a year later I dreamed of becoming a lawyer & joined the government higher secondary school. It was here in my 12th standard before my board exams one man came to my home with the Gospel & was sharing it to my family members. I heard as he read John 14v6. This verse came alive to me that day. I felt the smell of my sins & I cried like a baby & cried to The Lord to forgive me & asked the Lord Jesus to come into my  heart & save me & be the Lord of my life- that was on the 21st  Jan 2000.

I became active in the church & started to witness to people about the Lord Jesus Christ & in the process; the Lord put a burden in my heart to work among my people. I never wanted to be a pastor & I tried to run away from the calling. One day I came home from an interview & took my Bible & God spoke to me through the scripture as I read Eph 4v1 & then Rom 8:28-30… I knew now what God was telling me!

I joined the Bible College & completed my Bth & B.Div.  In the college the Lord met my needs & I graduated. I learnt God’s word at the same time & I started preaching during holidays & I led few people to the Lord. But it was only after my graduation that I believed the AV 1611. God has been good to me & sent few people in my life where I studied and believed the infallible word of God THE AUTHORIZED VERSION BIBLE! The Lord opened mine eyes to come to know the preserved, pure, perfect, inerrant and inspired words of God in the King James Bible for the English speaking world. Preaching from the KJV is a great blessing and there is power in it.   Ecclesiastes 8:4   Where the word of a king is, there is power: When I read my KJV, God speaks to me and when I pray I speak to the God the KING!

The Lord found me a wonderful wife Grace Roch and we are married and serving the Lord together.  we have all our church services in my mom’s living room. God has been good to us always. Come join me in the work of the Lord as the Lord works in and through us here in Goa India. I Covert your prayers for me & my wife and the ministry.   The Lord Bless you.

Grace Roch

The Pastor’s wife of Grace and Truth Baptist Church of Goa India. I was born and raised in a good Christian family in the United States. At a very early age, I was taught about the Lord and His Word. I thought I was saved at a young age, but it was not until I attended a Summer Bible Camp in Utah at the age of twelve-years-old that I realized that I was not saved. I went for two to three months after coming back from Bible Camp struggling with the fact of knowing I was not saved. It was a Sunday morning before church, while I was talking to my dad, when I finally accepted the God’s gift of salvation and I trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.

Since the Lord saved me on that Sunday, the Lord began to do a great work in my life. I fell in love with my God and His Word, and I began to grow as a Christian. I honestly do not know what influenced me to want to serve the Lord in India, but I remember not too long after I was saved I was having my daily devotions with the Lord and I knew without a doubt the Lord had called me to India. I felt the Lord had saved me so I could lead people of India to Christ. I knew nothing about India, and I had not ever met a Missionary to there. I began to read everything I could about India. Once a week my mom would take us to the library, and I would sit on the floor in the library looking through books about India. I would sit there looking over and over again at the people there. I would tell the Lord, “This is the worst and darkest place a person can go, so yes Lord here I am, send me.” Every day I would pray for God to prepare me to go there, and I would pray for the Missionaries there that were trying to win the people of India to Christ. After sharing with my parents about my calling to India, they bought me three missionary stories. The biographical stories were of Amy Carmichael to India, Grace Chang to China, and Rebekkah Pearl to Papua New Guinea. Through reading about the lives of these women, I desired for the Lord to give me the passion they had for serving the Lord and serving other people.

Growing up in a Missionary/ Pastor’s family, I had many opportunities to serve the Lord as a teenager in the church. I enjoyed helping my parents in the ministry, and I was eager to help in any way I could. After leaving the home, I continued to serve the Lord in every church that I was in. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to led children Bible clubs and VBS; play the piano and organ; teach Sunday School and Jr. church; work in bus ministries, nursing home ministries, and nursery ministries; teach woman bible studies; counsel at children Summer Bible camps and at children Bible programs in the public schools. Through all of these opportunities to minister to souls, the Lord was preparing me to serve Him full-time. I praise the Lord for these many opportunities throughout the years.

After graduating from High School, I went to attend Landmark Baptist Bible College in Haines City, Florida. I was only there for a year but during my time there I was able to meet Godly people who loved the Lord and I learned much about the Bible and Christian service. After coming back from Bible College, I began my journey in nursing. I started off working as a Certified Nurse Assistant/ Medication Aid and then I began to work up the ladder as a Licensed Practical Nurse and then finally as Registered Nurse. Throughout my training as a nurse, I felt the Lord was preparing for me for something special. I learned the value of hard work, staying strong even when things are tough, dealing with all ages of people and in all different situations, and relying on the Lord for strength and guidance. Even though I grew to love nursing, I still was empty and dissatisfied with my life. My heart’s desire was to be in India serving the Lord full-time.

One night after a stressful day of nursing classes, I began to beg the Lord to break me and open the door to serve Him on the mission field in India. I was twenty-seven years old, and I did not want the Lord to come back when I had not done what He called me to do. One afternoon, I got online and began searching for a KJV Baptist church in India where I could serve the Lord. The only website that came up was Grace and Truth Baptist Church of Goa India pastored by Lordson Roch. I immediately recognized the name of the Pastor and realized that I had been listening to his sermons online for the past two years and had grown immensely in Christ under his preaching. I was very excited to see he was a Pastor in India, and I began to follow his ministry through the church website. One day I got the courage to email Pastor Lordson Roch through the church website. I shared with him my calling as a child to India and how I was very excited to find that there was a KJV Baptist church in India and that I was praying for the ministry there in Goa. My desire in sending the email to the Pastor Lordson Roch was to see if he would be interested in me coming to India to help him in his ministry. I had no idea that Pastor Lordson Roch was a thirty-year-old single man who had been praying seven years for a wife to help him in the ministry there in India. When Pastor Lordson Roch heard of my burden and call to India, he started praying to God if I was the wife God had for him. We began to stay in touch and got to know each other well. Lordson sent me a letter asking me to pray about becoming his wife and helping him in the ministry in India. I began to pray and search for the Lord’s will for my life. In a very short time, the Lord revealed to Lordson and I that we were made for each other and that it was the Lord’s will for us serve Him together in India. Lordson sent a letter to my dad asking for my hand in marriage. My parents obtained peace from that Lord that it was God’s will for me marry Lordson and serve the Lord India, and they gave us their full blessings.

On June 9, 2013, Lordson and I were joined together in marriage, and we began our new life as husband and wife. I am very happy to be living with my beloved husband in India and actively serving the Lord at Grace and Truth Baptist Church. I am humbled by God’s hand in my life and how He has guided me every step of the way according to His will. I can never praise the Lord enough for counting me worthy enough to serve Him alongside of Pastor Lordson Roch in this darkened land of India that is ready for harvest. My desire is that my life maybe an example of Christ’s love and that in everything I do I may bring honor and glory to His name. I ask for your prayers that the Lord may use me to be a vessel that maybe used of Him to bring many souls to Christ.