Public Ministry

Every prophet in the Old Testament, the disciples and apostles of the New Testament, and the Lord Jesus Christ preached God’s word in public places to those who wanted to hear and to those who did not.

Our church is an evangelistic church that has committed itself to obey the Lord’s command to proclaim the gospel to everyone and everywhere. The church boldly proclaims the gospel in the street every Sunday after church and on Tuesday we go out door to door preaching the gospel.

Our church has flooded the land of Goa with gospel tracts and our goal and vision is to give the gospel to every individual in Goa and around India trusting the Lord to save many as He has saved us.

If you are around and would like to join us in our witnessing and soul winning ministry we will be glad to have you with us to proclaim the gospel. If you are overseas and want to come to help us in outreach work we will be very happy to have you with us to join us in the work of the Lord.

See the collection of photos taken at public ministry events to better understand what public ministry really means.