Preaching Schedule

Brother Lordson makes frequent trips to other churches around the country Preaching to Pastors in Pastors conference, Youth meetings and Revival meeting in churches. He is widely known as a versatile, dynamic and engaging communicator.

Whether at youth camps, church anniversaries or Bible conferences, Brother Lordson aims to faithfully preach God’s Word wherever he has the privilege and opportunity. He has been preaching since He was 17 years old. The first sermon he preached at the age 17 was to a church which had three people in a small hut and he has also preached large crowds of five thousand and above.

Thousands of souls have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as savior and Lord by the grace of God around the country through the preaching ministry of Brother Lordson. To name few of of the many places where Brother Lordson has preached are Goa, Kerala, Chennai , Rajasthan, Mumbai, Bangalore, Andra Pradesh, Gujarat, and also crossing the borders of India He has preached in Nepal.

Bro. Lordson has a heart and a passion to see revival in this generation. Today, God is continuing to open doors and bless Bro Lordson as he travels this nation preaching about Jesus. Please continue to pray for him as tries try to reach people for Christ in these last days.

Pastor Lordson Roch
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