Dearly Beloveds

Hope you are doing fine by the grace of God.

The past month and weeks has been quite tiring but a blessed one. We had the Revival meeting with Dr Nicolaas Verhoef who is doing a great job in the Bible project. The Lord greatly movedamong us and revived all our church members. It was a three days meeting and by the grace of Gospel we had 7 who made the profession of faith.

On Feb 3rd Sunday we had a great attendance at the church and the room was packed and people sat outside in the gallery and new comers went away with the King James Bible for free as a gift from us infact they asked for the KJV bible. This meetings helped us to teach the people whom we invited for the meetings about the new age versions and magnify the Pure BOOK the KJV. Dr Nico did a great job as he allowed the Lord to use him mightily ministering unto us.

A Roman Catholic priest also came for the meeting and he was so taken up he came forward during the break hours and he had several questions about salvation and bible versions etc. We were able to answer him from the Bible.

We had great attendance all three days in Goa.

The Lord blest the meetings because the church got together and prayed hard and worked hard and we expected the Lord to great things as we attempted to great things for the Lord and yes God did it and we are praying the Lord will continue to do great things among us.

After the The three days of meeting I went to Hyderabad together with Dr Nico for the pastors conference and he would preach and teach whole day and was able to encourage the pastors there through the preaching of Gods word in the evenings . Every night after preaching to the pastors I would give them the invitation to pour their hearts to God, the pastors hearts were softened and they recommitted their life and ministry to God and were greatly encouraged and went back to their field joyfully.

I had the privilege to preach to the youths and it was an amazing meetings, I preached on “Youth with a mission”. The youths were fired up for the Lord Jesus Christ. I had a great interaction with the youths in Hyderabad, they were moved , encouraged, challenged to live for the Lord and go out and set the world on fire for the Lord.

Please continue to pray for our church so we can continue to be faithful and serve the Lord faithfully.

I pray for you daily morning and night. The Lord continue to bless you.

Thank you for all the encouragements.

Fellow Servant


GTBC “Freedom – Deliverance Conference Goa”, “Hyderabad Pastor’s Conference” – February2013
“… Pastor Lordson Roch with Dr Nico Verhoef from Switzerland”

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