In the year 2007 after graduating from the Bible college, brother Lordson came back to his soil with no financial  back up at all but only trusting that he Lord will lead him. As brother Lordson went around for two months sharing the Gospel nobody got saved and was discouraged. One fine day, a Hindu boy said “I want to know more about Christ! Brother Lordson shared the Gospel and the Lord saved him. Regular Bible study began with this young brother to be joined by three later.

On May 6th 2007 a small group of newly saved saints gathered in Brother Lordson’s Mother’s living room: altogether five people for the first sunday worship service in the history of the Grace and Truth Baptist church. Slowly the Lord saved a few more and by the end of the year the Lord has been blessing us and now we are up to 50 saint’s attending the English service and the Hindi service. We have wednesday Bible study, thursday cottage meeting and Saturday prayer meeting. Brother Lordson also gives free tuitions to children in the slum and on sunday teaches them Bible stories, songs hoping to see some children coming to Christ soon. They are all from non Christian families.

Tracts distribution is done widely by the Church. Gospel tracts has been distributed house to house, in the streets person to person , through News Papers etc. We have seen Many trusting Jesus Christ and a few have come to our church. We also go door to door to preach the gospel to the community.

The Lord has also allowed brother Lordson to preach in other states of India and Nepal. He has been Preaching, teaching and training the pastors around India and also the youths of India and Nepal.  He preaches in revival meetings in churches around India and Nepal and has seen great fruits in this work too. Through this ministry our church has been blest to see thousands of souls saved, youths committing their life to Christ to serve in the ministry all over India and Nepal.

There are ups and downs in the work but the Lord is faithful to our Church. There are a lot of adversaries but we enjoy it because it is a part and a blessing of the Christian life. Difficulties keep us on our knees and keep me humble and totally dependent upon the Lord.

“We are a ministry that is committed to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, to magnify the Word of God AV 1611, edify the saints and evangelize the sinners.”

Our Goal and Vision is to be a light house in Goa and send the light of the Gospel to every individual of Goa and India and there by reach the world. Having met at Pastor’s Mom’s living room for the last several years we now meet in the heart of the Capital City of Goa at the leading of the Holy Spirit at Hotel Rajdhani Panaji Goa. We are consistently growing both spiritually and in Numbers. We covet your prayers for our own church building in the near future and the needs for it.