Dear Praying Friends,

Today while passing out tracts, two Hindu extremists came and manhandled two of my preacher boys, caught them by the collar and began to push them grabbing their arms causing pain trying to drag them to the police.

The Lord filled me with His Spirit and put words of boldness and authority in my mouth and strengthened me physically and with courage I rushed and pushed both the extremists guys and asked both the man to take of their hands off of my preacher boys. They caught me and pushed me in return, I told them they have no right to put their hands on any of us and if they have a problem they should call the police here and not push us and force us to stop our ministry.

They drew much larger crowd to support them but when the crowd came together I was able to raise my voice and proclaim what we are doing and why we are doing what we are doing.To which the crowd began to listen to the gospel.

Slowly those two extremist moved away trying to call the police, the police did not arrive and we came home safe.

I am planning to go to the Police Officer with a letter explaining what we are doing and will request a written permission. Will this work? I don’t know but atleast this will allow me to approach the Officer.

Seems like next Friday the extremist will be there with much more supporters, but please pray that we shall have an open door inspite of much adversaries.

Please pray the Lord will give me wisdom to serve the Lord in the Spirit and not in my flesh.

Please pray for my students to grow bold in the Lord. Our God the Lord Jesus Christ is the ALMIGHTY GOD!!!

God bless you

Fellow Servant

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