Newsletter 20-07-2015: Dr Wayne Sehmish The Man Of God!‏

26 mailDearly Beloveds,

Its been quite some time that I have written something. Hope you all are doing well. Thank you for your on going prayers and encouragements for me, my family and the church ministry here.

I want to share with you a great joy and encouragement the Lord sent our way!

How wonderful it was to have Dr Wayne Sehmish from Australia who is a missionary to Thailand a man of God in our church and preached both in our morning English church and evening Hindi church service and also at the Bible college. It was amazing and the Lord spoke to each one of us through the preaching of this man of God.

It helped me as a pastor so much, Dr Sehmish spend some time with me and spoke to me and listened to me and advised me with Godly counsel for the ministry, this is something that I will cherish all my life. I learnt so much from him, and I was greatly encouraged in the Lord. I was going through much pain and hurts and the Lord sent Pastor Wayne Sehmish at the right time to uplift me and motivate me and encourage me in the Ministry. I can't thank the Lord enough.

He was truly sent by the Lord to India to encourage me and my family and the church. We had a splash of revival in our church through Dr. Sehmish preaching. The Lord filled our hearts with joy and gladness.

The Bible college students were greatly encouraged by Dr. Wayne Sehmish preaching and interactions. We all got our Bibles signed by him, which will be a great memory to keep with us.

He is such a wonderful man who is so down to earth and humble. His preaching was powerful in a simple way yet passionate and deep insightful nuggets were brought forth in the message. Being with him you know the Holy Ghost is all over him.

We can't thank the Lord enough for bringing Dr Wayne Sehmish to encourage us. Our church has experienced a great blessing of sweet spirit among each other and it continues. Thank you Lord!!

The Lord bless you all. Brethren Please Pray For Us!

Fellow Servant,

Lordson Roch


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