Disciples Baptist Bible College

Bible College is a powerful engine of a ministry, if the motive and desire to start and run is right and true before God. Why do we have a Bible college? What is our purpose and motive in this regard to this ministry?

Pastor Lordson has travelled extensively throughout India and Nepal to preach the gospel and train Pastors in different states of India. Having travelled, he has a scar of broken heart and teary eyes for having seen church building filled with people but very very few are truly saved and has the understanding of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Bible Colleges around India train young and middle age man to go into the ministry by training them to doubt the scriptures hence every student that graduate from the Bible college gets their degree for believing that our Almighty God is not powerful enough to preserve His inspired word today for our generation and for evermore. This is the reason why the true gospel is not preached and this is why the fruit is false converts.

The Lord pushed Pastor Lordson to start a small Bible college in Goa India to train young man in the Authorized King James Bible to believe the Book to be inspired, preserved, perfect and pure.

What can we accomplish by this?

  1. Teach them in the truth to believe the Bible
  2. Train them in the true Biblical doctrines
  3. Train them in the ministry and give them practical outdoor witnessing opportunities on regular basis.
  4. Send them to other parts of India to preach the word and win souls.
  5. Plant churches ALL over India and in the neighboring countries so that those who are saved can have a good church to fellowship with, and can be discipled in other parts of India and around.

Our heart’s desire is that we train up young men in the scriptures and practical outdoor ministries, to win India for the Lord Jesus Christ And exalt the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible and to plant at least 10,000 Bible Believing Churches.

If you are saved and believe that the Lord has called you into the ministry than come today and join us in this mission to be trained and to train others also.

If you are a Bible believing Christian who is gifted to teach and preach and you believe the Authorized King James Bible and would like to come and assist us in the ministry by training young man for a week or two or even a month than please contact us and come, we need your help in the ministry.