What is our Mission at Grace & Truth Baptist Church?

1. Exalt the Saviour

We are committed to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in every areas of our life. First is first, we exist to worship the Lord, serve Him and have a daily closer walk with him. Jesus Christ is everything to us. We strive to know Him more everyday and make Him known to the world today.

2. Magnify the Scriptures

King James Bible is our final authority for all our faith and practice. We are committed to build your faith in the Word of God, never correcting the Bible but allowing the Bible to correct us. Never changing any word but allowing the Bible to change us. We magnify the Bible above any other teachings.

3. Edify the Saints

Every effort will be made to help you understand the words of the Lord and to edify and encourage you to apply their truths to your day to day life. We recognize that all of the Christian life includes and demands change towards Christ-likeness. We place a high priority on maturing and equipping disciples for useful service.

4. Evangelize the Sinners

We are a passionate church to fulfill the Lord’s commission of seeing others come to know the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. We do this by having a good testimony in and around where we live and share the gospel person to person or 101, we pass out lots of Gospel tracts everywhere to everyone, Put up Gospel banners in the streets, invite people to our fellowship and follow up with them.